2015 Boys ‘Summer’ Shindig

Although the calendar very clearly indicated it was the end of June, the weather wasn’t listening.  The ‘Summer’ Shindig took place under spats of torrential rain, hurricane force winds and cloudy skies.  But none of us noticed.

On the pitch the boys played hurling based games such as Poc Fadha, Hurling Egg and Spoon and a penalty shootout of ferocious intensity.  The main attraction seemed to be the Kids vs Coaches matches with the 2015 mentors in flying form against their protégés.   90% of the mentors had to book themselves into Somerton Physio this morning but their spirits weren’t dampened.

We abandoned the rain soaked and wind swept pavilion and were welcomed indoors into the Clubhouse in Somerton by our hard working parents group serving hot dogs, pizzas and goodies.   

At the end of the night the queue for the ice cream van reached to Castkeknock College but it was worth it in the end.  The 2015 boys will soon be taking a well deserved break with the first half of their u9 season behind them and some challenge matches ahead before the season resumes.  Fun and games.