Adult Hurling vs Cuala

Adult Hurling vs Cuala
Sun, 29th August 2004

Result: 0.12 to 1.09

Castleknock stage a great come back !
Junior B, Section B League Final

Scene 1: 
Pre match interview between Michael O’Muircheartaigh (MOM) and John Hillery (JH), Chairman of Castleknock GAA.

MOM: It’s another proud day for Castleknock GAA club. Another final. Another red letter day.
JH: It is indeed Michael. Our hurlers have done us proud since setting up last year. They are a great credit to the club.
MOM: May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on winning the GAA website of the year.
JH: Thanks Michael, great credit must go to the footballers Nulty and Leydon for their huge amount of time and effort that they have put into the website. We’re just delighted with the award.
MOM: John, on a more serious note, is it true that Paul Morrissey, one of your stars this year and last, has been flown out to the Bernabéu in Madrid for a medical ?
JH: I can’t verify anything at this stage, but yes Paul Morrissey has flown out to Spain this week-end. I did get a call from Jose Camacho, Real Madrid’s manager, but at this stage I’d like to make to no further comment. Paul sited personal reasons such as the Blanchardstown climate and the constant media attention, but I’d like to make no further comment at this stage. It’s very grey at this stage.
MOM: We’ll leave it there so and hand back to the studio.

Scene 2:

Ken Walsh, the Castleknock Captain wins the toss (for once) and Castleknock play against the wind and the hill in the first half.

Match Report:

Castleknock survived an early scare to fight another day. True Irish weather was seen for the duration of this match with the sun beaming down one minute followed by torrential rain the next and with a blustering cross wind throughout making conditions hard for good hurling. Castleknock, just like the weather, treated us to many different performances throughout the game. A great start was made with the man from the Banner, Mick Barry, pointing Castleknock’s first three points of the day within the opening ten minutes of the game. Cuala tagged back a point each time, as their full forward line constantly making quick runs proving difficult to deal with. After Castleknock’s great opening, there was a lull in their scoring as Cuala put some more points on the board. Just as it seemed Castleknock may be losing their stride, Keith O’Brien scored an excellent point striking the ball over his shoulder to keep the scores level. Then came a killer blow before half time as the ball came quickly into the full forward line and despite a great block by ever young Ken Walsh, the rebound was sent crashing to the net. Cuala sent over two more points to lead by 5 points at half time.
The scores at half time were Castleknock 0.5 Cuala 1.07

Scene 3:
RTE & Marty.
Half Time.

Michael Lyster: And now to our man on the sidelines, Marty Morrissey: Marty, who do you have down there at the moment ?

Marty Morrissey: I have with me a renowned member of the Castleknock panel, Timothy Dawson. Timmy, you’re five points down but there’s a wind and a small hill, are you happy with the performance in the first half ?
Timmy Dawson: I don’t think we’ll be pleased at all with the way we finished the half. We started well, but the goal was a sucker punch and Cuala seemed to get on top. We’d want to smarten up if there’s gong to be any silverware today. It depends on who wants it more.
MM: What can Castleknock do ?
TD: I’d say Martin Mangan, team manager is in there giving a rousing speech. He’ll be motivating the troops. Ken is probably slapping the table inside and I’m sure there’s more hurling left in this team, so maybe we can do it. There’s great heart there, but we’ll wait and see.
MM: Thanks Timmy…. And back to the studio.

Scene 4:

The second half…

A marvellous energetic half time performance by Castleknock’s Manager Martin Mangan left the team in no doubt as to what was required in the second half. With the lads fully fired up, a more determined Castleknock took to the field for the second
half. Castleknock got the first score of the half, but Cuala got two scores immediately afterwards, the second of which was highly disputed free an alleged push in the back.

So suddenly the gap was 6 points and Castleknock were in trouble. At this stage it was backs to the walls and again when needed the Castleknock backs responded. The brilliant Brian Lawlor, on more then one occasion superbly denied a couple of Cuala goals. Cuala were beginning to feel the pressure, as wave after wave of their attack reaped nothing. In fact Cuala only scored those first two points in the first 10 minutes of the second half which demonstrated how well the Castleknock backs played. Mick Geaney and Liam Walsh increased their work rate and soon it paid dividends.

There was a key move on the line by the management which turned the game, as All Star James Lacey was restored to wing forward, his natural position, which resulted in the ball was now being held up in the half forward line, as well as the inspired Ciaran O’Dwyer dominating at midfield. Slowly Cuala were being reeled in as Castleknock scored 6 unanswered points. With the defence been sturdied by John O’Meara’s introduction and with Ken Walsh truly leading as a captain should, Cuala were on the back foot for the rest of the second half. Terry O’Brien and Patsy Haugh were under severe pressure in the full back line, but held their men scoreless for the rest of the match. After O’Dwyer had scored his third point and Mick Barry continuing to be accurate with the frees, the scores were level going into injury time and it looked like it could be Castleknock’s day. However time ran out and even at the death of the match, Cuala had a 40 yard free that went wide. Both sides could have won and both sides could have lost. However Castleknock will be very happy with another chance to prove themselves with a spirited second half comeback. On the day, there were many stars, but best of all were all the backs who held Cuala to 2 points in the second half and in particular a great display by Brian Lalor in goal. Upfront Ciaran O’Dwyer and Mick Barry were excellent.

Scene 5:

On the sidelines, 5 minutes after the game ended.

Michael O’Muircheartaigh: I have with me a legend, the one and only Michael O’Dalaigh. Mick, you must be proud of your Castleknock Team today ? They played with heart, they played with steel and they played with the ball ! What a MAGNIFICIENT comeback !
Mick Daly: Michael, it’s a great to see a team play with such heart. It reminds me of my own playing days with Westmeath, back in the days before we had the trophy in the cabinet. Ah, it brings me back ! But we’re glad to have another day.
MOM: I believe you have some more good news ?
MD: Yes, I am pleased to announce that the transfer talks and communication between Real Madrid and Castleknock have broken down. Paul Morrissey has just phoned me and told me he never wanted to leave, he was just on holiday for a week. I would like to dispel all rumours that he gave it serious consideration and that the reason he is staying is that he wasn’t happy with the ‘opening hours’ in Spain. That’s totally false. He’s a Castleknock man through and through.
MOM: That’s great news and it doesn’t stop there, does it Mick ?
MD: No, we’ve just cleared up the last issues over the availability of Tommy Corcoran from Waterford Institute of Technology. They’ve released on a free Bosman ruling and we also have to thank the ‘Riverdance Troup’ for releasing Donnacha Howard’s image rights. We are all set for the next day.
MOM: So all in all, are you happy Mick ?
MD: We’re happy. We’ll live to fight another day !

Castleknock Hurling Team
Brian Lalor, Terry O’Brien, Patsy Haugh, Ken Walsh (Captaein), Jimmy Lacey, Mick Geaney, Liam Walsh, Ciaran O’Dwyer (0.3), Kieran O’Brien, Ciaran Callagi, Mick Barry (0.8), Enda ‘Pox’ Shiels, Paddy Wade, Mick Stokes, Kieth O’Brien (0-1).

Subs: John O’Meara for Paddy Wade. Also Colm O’Dea, Owen O’Reilly & Ger McCann.