Castleknock Games Promotion Officer (GPO)
Conor Ryan is the Games Promotions Officer for Castleknock GAA. Conor is always available to talk with parents whose children are interested in becoming involved in Gaelic Games. Conor can be contacted on 0876179704 or email

Child Welfare
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Hurling & Camogie
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Standards we like to set when coaching/mentoring our kids in Castleknock Hurling and Football Club

Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person. Treat everyone equitably, regardless of sex, disability, ethnic origin or religion.

Strive to ensure the player’s time spent with you is a positive experience. All players are deserving of your equal attention and opportunities. The scheduling and length of training times and competition should take into consideration the maturity level of the players.

Try to treat each player as an individual who has unique needs. Respect the talent, developmental stage and goals of each player. Help each player reach his or her full potential. Avoid over-working the talented players. Give the average player equal opportunities.
Be fair, considerate and honest with players.

Be professional and accept responsibility for your actions. Display high standards in your language, manner, punctuality, preparation and presentation. Display control, respect and dignity to opponents, coaches, officials, parents, spectators and the media. Encourage your players to demonstrate the same qualities. Display respect for the ability of opponents and for the judgment of officials.

Make a commitment to providing a quality service to your players. Maintain and improve your coaching accreditation level. Seek ongoing coach education. Provide a training programme which is planned and sequential. Maintain appropriate records.

Operate within the rules and spirit of the GAA. Acquire a copy of rule books, constitution, bye-laws, and relevant policies.

Refrain from any form of personal abuse (verbal, physical, emotional) towards your players. Be alert to any forms of abuse directed toward your players from other sources while they are in your care, and advise appropriate Club officials immediately.

Provide a safe environment for training and competition. Ensure equipment and facilities meet safety standards. Ensure equipment, rules, training and the environment is appropriate for the age and ability of the players.

Show concern and caution toward sick and injured players. Provide a modified training programme where appropriate. Allow further participation in training and competition only when appropriate. Encourage players to seek medical advice when required. Maintain interest and support for sick or injured players.

Be reasonable in your demands on young players’ time, energy and enthusiasm. The Club encourages all mentors to make a personal commitment to keep yourself informed of sound coaching principles and the principles of growth and development of children. Remember that juniors play for fun and enjoyment and that winning is only part of their motivation. Whenever possible, group players according to age, height, skills and physical maturity. Adopt the principle – particularly with young players – of player first, winning second.

Strive to be a positive role model for your sport and players.