Greening of Somerton

Fingal CC has invited community groups including sports clubs to come up with proposals that would  make a positive contribution to the Environment and Sustainability across the following 5 areas

  1. Community Energy: Solar Panels, Insulation, Heat Pump on a Community Building, LED Lighting in car park/ community area/ sports pitch
  2. Community Travel: Cycle Parking infrastructure in Community area, Community Share Travel Options, Car-Pooling Initiative, Group cycling, bike lockers, bikeshare schemes, bike repair hubs, charging for electric bikes
  3. Community Food & Waste: Community Composting, Leaf Mould Collections, Community Food Bank/ sharing, Working with local businesses to reduce Food Waste, Packaging, Community Gardens, working with a housing estate to improve/ increase waste segregation / food waste/ brown bin segregation
  4. Community Local Climate & Environmental Action: Sand Dune/ river/watercourse/ Habitat Restoration, Planting Trees, Planting Biodiversity Area, Community Gardens
  5. Community Shopping & Recycling:Working with local businesses/ residents to reduce waste, introduce local return/ Repair/ swap schemes, reduce packaging

All proposals must result in a reduction in carbon emissions . 

Proposals will be 100% funded. The deadline for submission is Feb 28th

If you have any suggestions under any of these areas or you would like to get involved implementing any of these ideas can you contact  Michael Wylie Clubhouse Chair on