Hurling Wall Area - off-limits

Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) will be carrying out significant upgrade works at the Gas Interconnector station adjacent to our pitches in Somerton, commencing on 19 April 2022. This will mean that the hurling wall will not be available from that date for approximately six months. A route to the back gate of the All Weather pitch from the containers will be maintained.

For safety reasons, GNI have advised us that there should be absolutely no attempt to access the hurling wall area (e.g. to recover sliothars, footballs or other items) during the period in question. Any material found in the hurling wall area will be returned by GNI.

The full statement from GNI follows:

As a result of increased demand for natural gas in the area, Gas Networks Ireland will be carrying out a significant capacity upgrade of Diswellstown AGI, located adjacent to Castleknock GAA club. Given the strategic importance of the pipeline fed by Diswellstown AGI, it will be necessary to flow gas through the site while simultaneously installing equipment with increased capacity. In order to maintain supply during this complex process, Gas Networks Ireland will be installing temporary pressure reduction equipment in the area of the hurling wall adjacent to Diswellstown AGI for the duration of the upgrade works.

Gas Networks Ireland would like to take this opportunity to apologise to members of Castleknock GAA club for any disruption caused and thank them for their understanding”.