Junior A Football vs Erin go Breagh

Junior A Football vs Erin go Breagh
Sun, 6th April 2003
Result: 4-14 to 1-03

Parson Cup.

Castleknock ‘A’ 4-14 -v- Erin go Breagh 1-03

Another fine win on Sunday last for the blue and gold in the Parson Cup. There were worries prior to the game due to a number of absentees, noticeably two thirds of last week’s backline but keeper Tony Nulty pronounced himself fit to play even though his shoulder popped out during the week in training. They’re made of stern stuff in Crosserlough. A new face appeared in the halfbacks, Vinny Moans and despite having a name like something out of Goodfellas he settled in nicely to the team. Michael Maher arrived with a digital camera to take a team photo and Davy Leydon got his warm up done when he sprinted towards the dressing room for his St Tropez fake tan.

For the second week running Castleknock got off to a quick start due to the dominance of Dec Reilly and Eoin O’Callaghan in midfield. O’Callaghan showing no tell tale signs of the river of drink that he consumed the previous Sunday in that fine establishment, the Bell (For that mention, I’ll be expecting free nuggets and chips the next time I’m in Mr. Bonner. I’ll be the one ready with the napkin and the knife and fork). As I said, Castleknock raced into 0-4 to 0-0 lead with points coming from Dominic Smith, Barry Farrelly and Gerry Kelly. Kelly was sporting the tightest pair of shorts that were last seen being wore by Party Boy on Jackass but was his usual pacey (or should that be pacemaker) self. Brian ‘Cool Hand’ Kelly had a couple of goal chances but unfortunately fluffed them. Cool Hand may soon be known as Heskey if he doesn’t buck up but the young lad was dominating his corner to be fair to him. Go Breagh responded with a couple of long range efforts but were kept out due to the presence of Shane Reilly and Davy Leydon in the centre of defence. Castleknock came back up the pitch and tacked on a few scores to go in 4 points ahead at half time but they really should have been ahead by more.

Half time score: Castleknock ‘A’ 0-7 Erin go Breagh 0-3

The half time talk by Fionan geed the Castleknock boys up and Castleknock continued where they left off by feeding good quick ball into the full forward line who passed to the onrushing half forwards who mostly took their scores. Simple, yet effective. The big gain came when O’Callaghan hoisted a high ball into the square which the Go Breagh keeper fumbled into his own net. O’Callaghan swears that he put a spin on it to deceive him but I’m not so sure.

Castleknock began to turn the screw and Farrelly and Smith picked off points at will. Smith scored a nice goal from a narrow angle and then a well worked move resulted in the Legend being pulled down in the square. Up stepped the bravest man on the pitch, Gerry Kelly, to take the peno and he promptly slotted it, directly at the keeper. Gerry muttered something about not being able to see the whites of the keeper’s eyes or some other nonsense. Niall Tutty then scored an ‘intended’ goal which was greeted with delirious cheers from, eh Niall himself. Seeing all this, An Laoch wanted a piece of the action and was spotted sniffing around in the opponents ’50. Castleknock then scored a fourth goal and the referee decided to put Go Breagh out of their misery and blew the final whistle.

So a good sign for Castleknock that they were able to win easily despite missing a few regulars but there will be much tougher games ahead.

Thought for the Day: Lazarus was a great man but he couldn’t kick points like Barry Farrelly.

Scorers: Dominic Smith (1-4), Gerry Kelly (1-3), Barry Farrelly (0-4), Eoin O’Callaghan (1-0), Niall Tutty (1-0), Peter McKillen (0-2), Brian Kelly (0-1)

Castleknock Team: Tony Nulty; Dave Rafferty, Shane Reilly, Noel O’Shaughenessy; Willie Fogarty, Davy Leydon, Vinny Moans; Declan Reilly, Eoin O’Callaghan(Capt); Gerry Kelly, Barry Farrelly, Peter McKillen; Brian Kelly, Dominic Smith, Patsy McGinnell.
Subs used: Niall Tutty, Cian Higgins.