Junior B Duffy Cup semi-final against Na Dubh Ghall

Sun, 29th April 2007
Result: 2-10 to 0-08

“Castleknock Killa Beez We On A Swarm! Castleknock Killa Beez We On A Swarm! Castleknock Killa Beez We On A Swarm!……”

The Wu-Tang Clan hip hop collective visit Irish shores in July for the Oxegen festival but if they were to witness the Castleknock Killa Bs in action in Porterstown on Sunday I’m sure they would have amended the intro to their Clan in the Front cut from their seminal debut LP Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) to reflect the all round intensity in this Duffy Cup semi-final against Na Dubh Ghall.

Castleknock lined out with the Stokes man back in the full forward line and he showed his class by bagging 1-2 in the first half. Also to the fore were Jimmy Connors, the ex-tennis player, at full back and Alfie ‘Double Tops’ Sawyer who showed no ill effects from celebrating his 40th birthday party in Quasar and McDonalds the night before. Na Dubh Ghall were a hardy outfit and the referee had a job on his hands trying to control the pressure cooker situation with both teams going full gun for a place in the final. Castleknock were on the back foot at times as former Vincents man, Darron Reddy, dictated matters on the 40 for Na Dubh Ghall and it was a blessing to the Castleknock men that he had to be removed in the second half due to injury. In fact at the time of his substitution, Castleknock had been rocked by three points on the bounce from Na Dubh Ghall after half time now playing against the wind.

However it is folly to suggest that Castleknock still wouldn’t have won. With the introduction of Tony Corcoran’s fresh legs, Danny Stewart’s superb reading and John Greene claiming Alex’s kickouts, the Castleknock men gained a stranglehold on midfield and were able to dictate the tempo for the rest of the game. They possibly should have won by more as Tutty, Mahon and Farrell all made great breaks but the end product was lacking. However Tutts redeemed himself with a run from the half forward line which ended with him burying the ball in the top corner to effectively close out the game.

Hats off to gaffers Cunningham and Corkery for getting their young (Alfie) and not so young (Connorsssss) colts to the cup final. News on the grapevine has confirmed Brigids as the opponents in the final next Monday. What a match-up. This is going to be a humdinger of a game and all support is welcome. It’ll be worth it just to see John Corkery in his Cup final suit!! 

Team: Alex Griffith, Shane Reilly, James O’Connor, Noel McCrory, Danny Stewart, Eoin Dineen, Alfie ‘Double Tops’ Sawyer, Keith O’Brien, Ger Geraghty, Deco Mahon, Brian Farrell, John Greene, Niall Tutty, Mick Stokes, Paul Warnock
Subs used: Tony Corcoran