The Week That Was - by Dave O'Brien

A week in politics can be a long time they say

But nothing compares to last week with Castleknock GAA;

We had members and friends who had a desire to prance

Before two nights of packed audiences they showed the world they could dance;

Crowds gathered in great numbers and supported with all their means

Great credit to the dancers and to the committee behind the scenes;

In the houses of the parish, the only one left was the mouse

As a community gathered together, in aid of our club house;

Our Juvenile awards are a night to behold

The energy, the noise, the stories of a year were told;

All players, mentors, parents where acknowledged on the night

We all agree that our future is bright;

Achievements on and off the field were indeed many

But some just won awards to get a pic with Ciarán Kilkenny;

Another night of pride in the Blue and Gold

Thanks again to the organising committee those story is sometimes untold;

Our footballers had two massive games to reach the top flight

And play them in two days in a schedule that was tight;

First up in Garristown , a game that was to thrill

Great crowds made the journey to see the lads battle to beat Whilehall Colmkille;

Less than two days to recover and get a well-earned rest

Then Brigid’s, Russell Park, the ultimate test;

What happened next is now club folklore

All those who were there were touched to the core;

From an idea to senior in just fifteen years

The parish celebrated, indeed some with happy tears;

No rest for the wicked and straight to the hurling went many

To play and to win in the Leinster Hurling semi;

To all involved between 1998 and now

Remember this week, be very proud and award yourself a quite bow.